How to Choose Virtual Office in Katowice

Foreign entrepreneurs that establish business in Katowice know that in order to register a company, it is necessary to specify its legal address. This address is the location of the company itself. At the present time such address can be the one where the real or virtual office of the enterprise is located.
Those businessmen who have not yet faced such a relatively new notion as “virtual office” can assume that the whole activity of the company including correspondence will be performed somewhere in the intangible virtual space. However, it is not so. In fact, all mail will be received, and the correspondence with clients and partners will be performed in a usual mode. All letters from state authorities will reach their recipients. In addition, it is quite possible to communicate with all necessary organizations via phone. 

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How to Choose Virtual Office in Katowice

Very often the legal address of the company is the purchased or rented premise where the company is located. This address is specified in every document of the company that is meant for providing to state authorities. All mail including the one sent from the tax administration and other state authorities will be delivered to the specified address.
However, not always businessmen have an opportunity to specify the address of their physical location in Katowice as the company address. This related, for example, to the companies that have only started their economic activity or those connected with increased financial risks. We can also mention small enterprises with limited financial opportunities when it is not economically profitable to pay high rent for the office. It is not convenient for such enterprises to select a physical address.
In such a situation, a virtual office may help. It will perform the role of a legal address during the company registration, and will be used for filling out documents in the future. At the present time such service is rather popular in Poland. Our specialists will perform this task for you.
The availability of a virtual office will allow you to many-fold decrease expenses for renting an office, and, as a consequence, total expenses of the company. Besides, you can be abroad while your enterprise including transactions and negotiations will go on fully functioning in Katowice.

Location of the Company as a Factor of its Prestige Growth

If you order our Virtual Office service, we will provide you with the most convenient location in one of the prestigious districts of the city. This is a very important moment when forming the enterprise reputation. Also, it is necessary to note that in this situation expenses will be considerably lower than in case of renting a physical premise in a similar district.

Formalizing a Legal Address in Katowice

In order to formalize a legal address for a newly established enterprise in Katowice, the owner must think in advance about the location that will suit him.
It can be a physical office with a physical address of the enterprise. However, the expenses will considerably increase.
It is also possible to select a virtual office just for receiving mail and phone calls.
If you choose formalizing a legal address in Katowice through a virtual office with mail servicing, you will timely receive notices from the Polish state authorities as well as other letters addressed to your company.

After selecting the location that is convenient for you (you can always rely on the help of our experts), it is necessary to execute and sign an office or premise rental agreement. This address will be specified in your company documents as the legal address.

If you got interested in the service on establishing a virtual office, feel free to contact us. Many-years experience of our employees allows them to consult you on all issues related to this theme to the fullest extent. We will fully assist you in formalizing all the documents related to the registration of a legal address. In addition, our employees will provide you with consultations on conducting your business in Katowice and all over Poland.

The payment for the virtual office renting can change a little depending on the list of the required services. The package of services may include the following positions:

  • - Legal address for the enterprise registration,
  • - Legal address for the purpose of corresponding,
  • - Storage of letters and documents,
  • - Providing office for negotiations,
  • - Scanning the received letters,
  • - Emailing scanned letters,
  • - Receiving and storing a parcel,
  • - Providing phone numbers,
  • - Providing fax numbers.

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